Wednesday, April 26, 2006


More, more, more

We have so much going on that we can't fit it all into our magazine, so ta-dum, here comes the blog. There are four editors on the BT staff, and you will be hearing from all of us as we go out and about. Our managing editor, Laura Doering, is still on maternity leave. She had her second son, Shea, a couple of months ago, but we expect her back sometime in June or July. Rose Gordon, our associate editor has traveled a bit more because of this. She has gone to both Guatamala and Williamsburg, Virginia in the past few months, which I'm sure she'll be talking about. Connie Cho, our assistant editor, joined the team three months ago. She'll be attending her first parrot conference -- Parrots International -- next month along with the rest of the team. And then there is me, Melissa Kauffman, the editor of Bird Talk magazine, which is both privilege and pleasure.

Our blog will cover pet bird news, avian community news and our travels on behalf of Bird Talk magazine. We hope you enjoy it and invite your comments.

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