Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Once Lost, Now Found

Strange developments in the case of the wayward cockatiel. Recap: We first sighted the lost 'tiel outside our home on Saturday evening. My husband took over 'tiel watch duty yesterday (Monday) when I left for work. He and a couple neighbors pulled their resources together -- a large playgym, travel carrier, cage, pole stick and a large mirror (cockatiels love their mirrors!). The bird was obviously tired from being outdoors for over two days, but he could still fly enough to stay just out of reach.

I got a call yesterday around 4PM for an update ... the lost cockatiel was now flying around with another (lost) cockatiel! The two sat side by side high up on a telephone wire. I ran out of the office so I could rejoin the rescue effort before night fall. By the time I got home, lost 'tiel No.1 was secure in our travel carrier thanks to the quick reaction of my husband. He and the other lost 'tiel got startled and parted ways. Lost cockatiel No.1 was being chased by crows and landed on a neighbor's roof. The neighbor used her hose to "ground" the bird from taking off. From what I hear, the cockatiel seemed to relish this spray bath because he got closer to the spray instead of fleeing from it.

So we now have the lost cockatiel we first sighted on Saturday. He was pretty scared last night, even hissing, but he seemed more chipper this morning. Next step is a vet check, lost bird signs and hopefully either a reunion with his owner or a new home. We'll keep a look out for the phantom 'tiel who showed up alongside him last night ... not giving up just yet.

Don't give up! I'll check back.
Good job on capturing the first tiel! Waiting for more news...
Congrats on the capture! You've got way more resolve than I do if you end up giving her away (pending not finding owners of course). That's how my husband and I ended up with kitten number two just last Sunday, lol.
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