Tuesday, July 18, 2006


One Too Many

Why do people hoard animals? It's a strange thing, but I think that it mostly happens to good people, people with big hearts that just go a little overboard. A recent article on TimesDispatch.com reported that 46 cats and 1 African grey were removed from a Virginia woman's home earlier this week. A friend, concerned about "the living conditions of the woman and the animals" reported the situation to the local Humane Society. The grey was not socialized and was retrieved from a filthy cage, according to the article.

This phenomenon seems to happen frequently with both cats and birds. Bird hoarders often become overwhelmed after taking in some of the many unwanted pets out there; others become obsessed with collecting more and more species and colors until they can no longer care for any of them properly.

I would love to have more birds, but I like knowing that my single Senegal is one spoiled bird! I'm not sure that I could handle cleaning one more cage every week or chopping up extra vegetables each morning. It's probably something that we should all consider before taking on an extra pet, no matter how "in need" that animal seems to be. I'll try to remember that the next time I enter the bird store and those baby green cheeks are calling my name!

I really don't see how people handle more than one bird. Oliver, my CAG, is a handful!!
I'm 12 years old and have 3 birds. Petey and Sprite are my budgies and I also just got a cockatiel named Angel. They're not too bad. The budgies both are fully feathered and get a free flight time every day. Angel has her wings clipped, so she just cuddles with me. I really wish I had a parrot that was a handful. It would be kind of fun. But I have four sisters and a 1-year-old brother (who LOVES my birds...I'll come upstairs to my room and find he's gotten there first) an we also have 1 mixed breed dog, 1 Chihuahua, 2 rabbits, 2 hamsters, a guinea pig, and a ferret. My parents aren't going to let me get any more birds for a while! But my lil babies are just perfect, and everywhere I go I seem to have a BIRD TALK or a book about birds.
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