Friday, July 07, 2006


That's Hot?

According to this celebrity stalker blog, Paris Hilton recently purchased a kitten and a Goffin's cockatoo... simultaneously! Many bird people might find several things wrong with the photo of Ms. Hilton and the newly acquired pets, but my thoughts fall on what's in the best interest of the bird. A cockatoo is a huge commitment and, whether we've tried to avoid the stories or not, we all are familiar with her track record with committed relationships. With her jet-setting lifestyle, will she be able to offer an adequate amount of attention and bonding time? How will the cockatoo fair among all of the other pets - the new kitten, Tinkerbell, the chihuahua or the ferret? Oh wait, I think she had to give that one up.

To her credit, she seems like a true animal lover at heart. She probably can afford to provide the most spacious cage with plenty of toys and the kind of life we can only dream about. Who knows, 'toos might become the next big trend. Well, I hope the bandwagoners read up on how to properly take care of a bird.

With that in mind, I'm extending Ms. Hilton the offer of a subscription to BIRD TALK, so she may be pointed in the right direction on good bird ownership.


That's a great idea. Don't just say "Oh, she'll never do it right. 'Toos are a huge commitment." Try to help her make her cockatoo's life the best possible! Nice!
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