Friday, August 18, 2006


Taking Flight

My internship has come to an end and I couldn't be happier about the magazine to which I was assigned. Coming into the job with very little knowledge of pet birds, I was fortunate to have assignments that required me to quickly learn about many of the bird species and some of the potential medical conditions.

Throughout the 10 weeks of the internship I was pleased to discover how often I was able to apply my biology background to the job. Whether it was moderating discussions on the forums about hybrids or thumbing through an avian medicine book, I was pleased to be constantly stimulated by the science behind pet birds.

I'll soon be on the road back to Texas (one of the top 3 bird-owning states, I learned from the March 2005 BT, woohoo!) and after lunch with the BT team this afternoon, I have my heart set on getting a companion bird once I settle into my new home. There is no one better to discuss your intentions to finally get a pet of your own than with the editors of a pet-related publication. They help you assess your circumstances and decide what type of animal would best suit your lifestyle. I believe we decided a bird is best for me. A Poicephalus maybe?

Whatever pet I decide on, I feel fortunate to have spent my summer after graduation not only learning more about the industry I chose as a career path, but also discovering a new area of interest in pet birds. Bird or no bird, I will proudly carry my BIRD TALK Magazine bag around anywhere I go, with hopes that I'll attract bird enthusiasts who I can reminisce with about my days at BT.


Last year during a BLUEGRASS FESIVAL i saw this bumpe rsticker on a motorhome showing this feroclous snarling bird and it said TRAVLER WITH A ATTATUDE
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