Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Forshaw Talks Parrots With The NYT

The Science section of today's online New York Times features an interview with Joseph Forshaw, one of the top parrot experts in the world and a contributor to BIRD TALK. While visiting New York, Forshaw took a stroll through the Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn to see the wild quakers, and was impressed by their ability to survive even when having to resort to eating leftover pizza crusts of Manhattanites.

The interview with Forshaw lends more insight into his character, such as the fact that he does indeed own a bird. Many biologists and ornithologists look at birds in a purely scientific way. They are not interested in birds as pets, but Forshaw comments on the affection, beauty and loyalty that many parrots show toward their caretakers.

Forshaw does admit to eating a parrot at one time in his life, an already dead sulphur-crested cockatoo. He was in the Australian Outback, out of food and out of a ride - in short, desperate. I suppose we'll forgive him!

To find out more about wild quakers in the U.S., take a look at the November issue of BIRD TALK, which includes a feature article on these small green parrots that are thriving here. To see more of the Brooklyn quaker parrots, visit the website of Steve Baldwin, founder of the Brooklyn Parrot Society, who takes frequent photos of the birds in his neighborhood and maintains a blog about their activities.

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