Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The New Year brings New Things for BirdChannel.com

The month of December was such a busy month, which means that there will be more exciting things to look forward to on BirdChannel.com come January.

The last week of December some of the BIRD TALK editors spent time behind the camera filming a new cooking show series for BirdChannel.com.

Cooking with BIRD TALK features recipes that you can make for you and your bird to share.

It took a while to get the scripts right and to get all of the needed shots, but it was a lot of fun, plus I learned a couple of new things about what birds like to eat.

The first episode should hopefully be aired sometime later in January.

I’ve mentioned the interactive Medical Conditions quite a bit, and the process in getting it ready to go live to the public has been a long one.

Not only was it a long journey to get all of the information for it, but the process of building it and making sure that it was correct and user friendly the first time around took a lot longer than anyone anticipated.

But, it will be available to the public in the first two weeks of January. I hope that it will be a useful tool for pet bird owners. Not just because I worked so hard on it, but because it is full of so much useful information.

On the Birdchannel.com Message Boards I see a lot of posts asking about certain ailments, and what to do about this and what to do about that. The answers to all these questions, or at least a good majority of them, will soon be a couple of clicks away.

I’m also looking forward to getting the Featured Bird of the Month gallery up and running.

The January Featured Bird of the Month is the African Grey. I’ve put requests out to bird owners to send in pictures, funny stories and their experiences of life with their African Grey. I want to put these stories and pictures together and display then on the website for the month of January.

Who wouldn’t want to brag about their pet being featured on a website?

- Crystal

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