Thursday, March 22, 2007


Exciting things are happening

So many things have been happening over at and Bird Talk magazine.

The Bird Talk editors launched the first webisode of Cooking with Bird Talk Magazine on In the first episode we show pet owners how to make a layered salad for their pet bird. This is a fun and new feature that we hope to continue making for our visitors.

We had a lot of fun filming it. Editor Melissa Kauffman, Managing Editor Laura Doering and I prepared three nutritious meals for pet birds. One of the great things about the recipes that we used was that we could eat them too. I must admit, it was tempting not to pick at all the fresh fruit that we cut up for filming. Birdie Bread is coming up next month and we’re planning some new video projects that we’d like to put up on
We also have been working on getting our top lists completed.
In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, we have been asking readers to help contribute to our "Top Bird Lists. We are still looking for Top Bird Stores, Top Avian Vets, Top Bird Products, Top Bird Food Recipes and Top Pet Bird Species. The criteria for these lists will be made available on under the Bird contests tab. You can email them to if you would like to submit to the Top Bird Lists.

If you haven’t read the May 2007 issue, then this news might be new. Bird Talk associate editor Rose Gordon flew off to New York to be closer to her family last month. We do miss her very much over here, but we still get to talk to her often. The Bird Talk team is currently looking for a flock member. We would like to reach out to the bird community to find our new associate editor. If you think that you might be interested and qualified, then Click Here to find out more information.
- Crystal

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