Friday, April 20, 2007


New section in BIRD TALK magazine

BIRD TALK magazine is adding a new section, "Flock On: Stories of Life, Love and Feathers."

We would like to ask bird owners to submit their story for this special section that celebrates life with birds.

Each month, BIRD TALK editors will select our favorite reader's story that reflects the fun and joy of bird ownership. The selected submission will win an exclusive prize sent to them by our sponsor of the month.

For details on where to send "Flock On" submissions, check out our article on

- Crystal

Monday, April 16, 2007


The parrotlet that didn't follow me home

Last Friday, April 13, 2007, I went to my first pet expo in Costa Mesa, California with the BIRD TALK team. I had never been to a pet expo before and was taken aback by all of the animals that were up for adoption.

There were rows of cages filled with all kinds of animals. I couldn’t even begin to count the different breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and rats that were there. The reptiles and fish even had their fair share in looking for a forever home to go to.

There were quite a few bird rescues there with their birds. I was saddened by some of the bird’s stories. I don’t understand how some people could ever mistreat a bird, or a pet of any kind. I was glad, however, that these specific birds were being taken care of by the different rescues.

My highlight of the expo was when I saw a beautiful parrotlet. I’m not sure what mutation it would be considered, but this parrotlet had a blue hue to its white feathers. The assistant editor Connie and I both had our moment of giggling at how cute it was. I very much would have loved to take it home with me that very day. But, knowing that at the moment I don’t have the resources, a safe home for a bird or the time to take care of a bird (or to make sure that my cat Stitch doesn’t help himself to the bird), I sadly had to turn my back and walk away. Yes, I was being a responsible pet owner by doing so, but my heart did ache a little that I wasn’t bringing that parrotlet home with me.

Next time, maybe.

- Crystal

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