Monday, April 16, 2007


The parrotlet that didn't follow me home

Last Friday, April 13, 2007, I went to my first pet expo in Costa Mesa, California with the BIRD TALK team. I had never been to a pet expo before and was taken aback by all of the animals that were up for adoption.

There were rows of cages filled with all kinds of animals. I couldn’t even begin to count the different breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and rats that were there. The reptiles and fish even had their fair share in looking for a forever home to go to.

There were quite a few bird rescues there with their birds. I was saddened by some of the bird’s stories. I don’t understand how some people could ever mistreat a bird, or a pet of any kind. I was glad, however, that these specific birds were being taken care of by the different rescues.

My highlight of the expo was when I saw a beautiful parrotlet. I’m not sure what mutation it would be considered, but this parrotlet had a blue hue to its white feathers. The assistant editor Connie and I both had our moment of giggling at how cute it was. I very much would have loved to take it home with me that very day. But, knowing that at the moment I don’t have the resources, a safe home for a bird or the time to take care of a bird (or to make sure that my cat Stitch doesn’t help himself to the bird), I sadly had to turn my back and walk away. Yes, I was being a responsible pet owner by doing so, but my heart did ache a little that I wasn’t bringing that parrotlet home with me.

Next time, maybe.

- Crystal

Just take the plunge! Go ahead and let a sweet bird pick you out. You'll love it.
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