Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Top 5 Reasons that I want a Parrotlet

5.They are small and just too cute
There is something about a parrotlet’s tiny size that really appeals to me. It is one of those characteristics that can be a blessing and a curse. At 4½–5 inches I wouldn’t have to worry about making sure I have a large enough bird cage as I would for a macaw in my home; just a spacious enough cage to allow my parrotlet to play and amuse itself with a lot of fun bird toys. But I would have to make sure that when it has out of cage time that I’m watching to make sure that it doesn’t get hurt. A parrotlet has that cute factor that comes with anything that is small and tiny. Honestly, how could you not gush at something that small and precious?

4.They are my favorite colors
Blues, greens and purples. I know, you can get a pretty mutation combination out of many types of bird species, but have you ever taken time to really look and appreciate the markings on a parrotlet, especially a male parrotlet? Pacific parrotlets have that cobalt blue on their heads, and beautifully lined along their wing and tail feathers. It’s like a water colored painting. Back up a couple of days, the parrotlet that stole my heart at the family pet expo was a blue and purple pearly color. I have yet to see a picture of a parrotlet that I didn’t think was beautiful.

3.They have a fiery yet loving demeanor
This is one of my favorite hook lines and sinkers about them. I’ve read so many stories where a parrotlet can get into trouble because they act like a larger parrot confined in a small tiny body. Feisty is actually the word that I have read many times to describe parrotlet behavior, and my favorite stories are about a parrotlet chasing larger animals because they believe to be bigger. Yet, they are affectionate and devoted to their owners. Aren’t we all softies at heart?

2.They are intelligent little parrots
Not only do I love the outgoing and feisty attitude that parrotlets are known to have, but they are known to be just as smart as the larger parrots. They can learn words, whistle songs and are capable of learning tricks and commands. Of course, if the parrotlet doesn’t want to learn, it won’t do it, but hopefully, when I do get one, it will want to show off.

And the number one reason that I want a parrotlet…

1.If I were a bird, I would be a parrotlet
All of the reasons that I listed about why I like them, I honestly would say you can apply to me. I think this is why I am so attracted to wanting a parrotlet. The more I read about them, learn about them, hear about them and see them, I want to bring one home. At 5’1” with a feisty attitude that screams “I can take on the world and do anything that I put my mind to” I think that I would make a great parrotlet. Opposites attract they say, but us small kids need to stick together! Unless, of course, we’re trying to reach something up on the top shelf as that may require some assistance.

- Crystal

Photo Courtesy Jennifer Werzynski, New Jersey

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