Thursday, June 28, 2007


New Stuff at BirdChannel!

The Bird Channel editors have been busy this month working on new contests, activities and videos to put online.

We added a new feature so that you can customize your own BIRD TALK magazine cover. There are also some new bird-themed word searches that you can print out and solve. has a new monthly giveaway online! The Flock Giveaway awards fun prizes for your bird each month. Check out this month’s Flock Giveaway sponsored by Rolf C. Hagen! Find out who the winners are from the July Flock Giveaway.

Have you seen the new the first photos of the recurve-billed bushbird and the Perija parakeet, also known as Todd’s conure? You can read about the two rare bird species here.

We also have a checklist to budget for a new bird, Senior Bird Stories written by bird owners and you can also send one of our two new Bird eCards to celebrate Senior Birds.

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