Friday, August 31, 2007


Settling In

I became the Assistant Editor for BIRD TALK magazine a week and a half ago, and I am still in the process of figuring out how everything works. There is a lot that goes into the magazine and the website, but I have the opportunity to take it in nice and slow. Melissa, Laura, Connie and Crystal have all carefully guided me since I’ve arrived, and have even bought me some delicious bagels.

I came into the BIRD TALK flock with a much different background than the other editors. I’ve worked for three years in the pet industry while I was completing my Bachelor’s, and have an extensive knowledge of our avian friends. I’ve gone from avian specialist to exotic bird specialist to manager of an exotic bird store to Assistant Editor of BIRD TALK magazine! What a journey!

During that time, I’ve taken in four lovebirds and two parrotlets into my own flock. Yamato (Matt) and Takeru (TK), are my parrotlets, and Tori, Joshua, and River are my lovebirds. I also had another lovebird named Jolee, but sadly, she passed away May of this year from kidney disease.

I have helped raise hundreds of babies, and have hand-fed everything from parakeets to macaws. I’ve seen all of them off to loving parents and homes and often hear about the joy those babies bring to their family. Recently, I even got to meet up with one of my babies. Catcher, the scarlet macaw, hadn’t seen me for four months, but he recognized me in a heart beat. And, just like he did when he was a baby, he hopped in my arms and let me cuddle with him for hours on end. I was a very happy former parent at that moment.

When I first started here at BIRD TALK, I knew I would miss raising babies and helping them “leave the nest” (excuse the pun). But, as I thought over it, I realized that I am still helping not only my babies, but everyone else’s, just in a different way. I am helping bring this magazine to all of you, and it is a great privilege to do so.

-- Jessica

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