Friday, September 07, 2007


Being Creative

Lately I have been working on a lot of recipes for BIRD TALK articles and for features on They have been a lot of fun because I get to be creative and cook, two of my favorite things.

My latest challenge is creating a gingerbread bird. Yes, that’s right, a gingerbread bird –a sun conure to be more specific. I thought about trying to create a scarlet macaw, at first. However, after a created the template for the bird’s body, I decided that it looked more like the body of a smaller bird. I decided on a sun conure for the beautiful colors – and because I figured it would be easier to replicate a sun conure’s colors with candy than that of an African grey. Although I did consider trying to see if I could find any of those grey and white M&M's to attempt it.

I’m excited about this, but this isn’t the challenging part of the challenge. To me, the challenging part is figuring out the second part – how to create an edible, bird-safe holiday tree. I’ve decided that the base will be an ice cream cone, but I’m having trouble trying to figure out the topping. What is green, edible won’t go bad being left out and bird-safe that will be easy to stick onto an ice cream cone? I’ve considered green pellets, dried bird greens and green colored bird treats. I’ll have to go to the bird store to explore some more.

If you have any ideas, I’m open to them. And, I can’t wait to show off the pictures!

– Crystal


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