Monday, September 17, 2007


Remembering Alex

I may have only been introduced to the world of parrots last year, but even I felt a great sadness when I found out that the pioneering parrot Alex the African grey had passed away. I’ve watched countless videos and interviews of him and Dr. Irene Pepperberg demonstrating the amazing and extraordinary intelligence that our parrot friends are capable of.

I was not surprised at all at the large amount of messages for Alex that came pouring in to be included in our BIRD TALK card that we sent to Dr. Pepperberg. My heart was also warmed at the connection between bird owners across the world on our Bird eClub web pages, our Bird Channel MySpace page and on our Alex the African Grey Memorial page.

I hope that new bird owners will be inspired by him, current bird owners remember him and are motivated by him, and that we continue to learn about the parrots wonderful abilities and intelligence.

Flock On!

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