Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Change Is Good

Last night I rearranged my furniture. Not because I wanted to, not because I just purchased a new fabulous piece - because of my bird. He thinks that he owns the couch (as I mentioned in the video post). Usually I remove him from the couch as soon as he jumps on it and starts rooting around in the pillows for a suitable nest. Last night, however, I was distracted by a Red Sox game on the radio and wasn't paying enough attention to him. When I finally noticed that he was hiding in a corner of the couch - and had probably been there for a 1/2 hour - I went over to pick him up. He puffed up his feathers, charged and then flew at my face as if to attack me. Not good.

So I decided we needed to mix up his environment and move the couch as far away from his reach as possible. Avian behavior consultants always recommend moving the cage around when a bird starts nesting in it. You're trying to unseat them, make them think that nesting in such an unsteady environment would not be a good idea.

Unfortunately, I only have a 1-bedroom apartment, so this meant moving things into my bedroom, unloading a bookcase and trying to plug the TV and computer into opposite plugs. I now have a phone cord stretched across my living room, and the couch sticks out into what used to be a walkway. Not as pretty, but hopefully it will work, peace will be restored and I'll have my couch back.


When Oliver's on the couch with me, I have to really pay attention. We have a leather couch and I just see him putting some holes in it.
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