Friday, July 14, 2006


Parrot Ambassadors

As bird people, we know the healing power of our pets. The comical song of an Amazon or the frantic dance of a conure can make just about anyone - except the most extreme ornithophobics - crack a smile. The companionship of these feathered creatures brings comfort and high spirits to many. A teenage girl from war-torn Sri Lanka found all of the above to be true of her Indian ring-necked parakeets.

A recent BBC online news story, explained that despite the tough journey from her native country to a refugee camp in India via a cramped fishing vessel, young Bhovana Nishanthini Lombert could not leave her parrots behind.

The BBC story quoted her as saying, "I love these birds as much as I love my three brothers and parents. They are part of our family." Well said.

And so, the Indian immigration officials allowed the brightly-hued birds into the country. The sight of the parrots actually may have eased the tension of the process. The BBC quoted a local journalist as saying, "The sight of Bhovana with two parrots sitting on her shoulders ... brought an instant smile all around ..."

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