Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Upcoming aspects

My internship ended on Friday, November 17, 2006 and I walked into the office this Monday as the new Assistant Web Editor for and BIRD TALK magazine. A couple of other small animal publications fall under my title, but for right now is one of my main priorities.

Besides trying to catch all the technical problems with the new web site, I have been intensely working on the upcoming interactive Medical Conditions aspect for And I say intensely because it is a rather large database full of information that was compiled by avian vets.

Who knew that birds were such delicate animals. Outside of the obvious fact that they are small, I didn’t know that life with a bird could have such an impact on your lifestyle. Teflon pans are out of the question because of the fumes. Certain house plants would have to either be removed or relocated outside because they might be toxic. One of the more interesting things I’ve learned was that bird’s lack a diaphragm and vocal cords, which means that a bird cannot cough or hiccup. Maybe some people already knew that, but I had no idea.

I’m very excited for this aspect to go up on the web site because I think that it will help a lot of bird owners who might need some guidance in the right direction concerning their bird’s health.

The interactive Medical Conditions aspect lists symptoms that bird owners might see their birds experiencing as well as a break down of bird body parts and bird body system functions; including respiratory, digestion and reproduction. From those options you can then link to a list of conditions that are associated with those symptoms and help you get an idea of what illness your bird is ailing from. The conditions range from avian flu and PDD to bleeding cuts and toxic plants and metals. Of course the best way to diagnose your bird is to bring it in to an avian vet. But the medical conditions do give some tips on what you can do NOW to help stop bleeding or what samples you should prepare to bring with you to the avian vet.

I hope that you are all as excited about it as I am.


Nice job!
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