Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Upcoming aspects

My internship ended on Friday, November 17, 2006 and I walked into the office this Monday as the new Assistant Web Editor for and BIRD TALK magazine. A couple of other small animal publications fall under my title, but for right now is one of my main priorities.

Besides trying to catch all the technical problems with the new web site, I have been intensely working on the upcoming interactive Medical Conditions aspect for And I say intensely because it is a rather large database full of information that was compiled by avian vets.

Who knew that birds were such delicate animals. Outside of the obvious fact that they are small, I didn’t know that life with a bird could have such an impact on your lifestyle. Teflon pans are out of the question because of the fumes. Certain house plants would have to either be removed or relocated outside because they might be toxic. One of the more interesting things I’ve learned was that bird’s lack a diaphragm and vocal cords, which means that a bird cannot cough or hiccup. Maybe some people already knew that, but I had no idea.

I’m very excited for this aspect to go up on the web site because I think that it will help a lot of bird owners who might need some guidance in the right direction concerning their bird’s health.

The interactive Medical Conditions aspect lists symptoms that bird owners might see their birds experiencing as well as a break down of bird body parts and bird body system functions; including respiratory, digestion and reproduction. From those options you can then link to a list of conditions that are associated with those symptoms and help you get an idea of what illness your bird is ailing from. The conditions range from avian flu and PDD to bleeding cuts and toxic plants and metals. Of course the best way to diagnose your bird is to bring it in to an avian vet. But the medical conditions do give some tips on what you can do NOW to help stop bleeding or what samples you should prepare to bring with you to the avian vet.

I hope that you are all as excited about it as I am.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Proud to announce

All of the researching, organizing and hard work that I’ve been doing over the course of this internship is now in the spotlight. The editors of BIRD TALK magazine celebrate the launch of our new website

I can’t help but to brag and be proud of this website. I’m excited not just because it has finally launched but also for all the bird owners that will be able to utilize it. I help moderate the BIRD TALK message boards, which can be accessed through, and there is always some question or topic that is brought up that this website will offer detailed information on. offers visitors thousands of great BIRD TALK articles, plus BirdChannel exclusive articles on all aspects of pet birds, including information on taking care of and living with a pet bird. The articles are detailed on subjects that can be helpful to bird owners that are looking for some information online.

Visitors can also browse through an online library of species for more information on their bird. The species index includes a picture as well as avian expert and behavioral advice on each of the species.

I think that one of the aspects of the website that I’m proud of is an interactive “Medical Conditions” section that bird owners can use to identify symptoms of common avian illnesses. It includes information on how to recognize diseases as well as “what to do” advice for short and long term care. also provides bird owners with breaking news on issues like bird flu, local pet ordinances and up-to-date conservation research.

The editors encourage users to join the Bird eClub, which is’s online socializing group where members can create a web page for their bird, chat with other members on the message board, download free ringtones or watch bird video clips. Bird eClub members can earn points just for having fun on the website and redeem their points for great prizes or valuable discounts from partners.

The Grand Opening runs from November 15 to 20, 2006, and offers more than $6,000 in prizes for users to win.

The Grand Opening celebration is really exciting and packed full of great prizes for your bird. Users will have a chance to win six grand prizes, a $260 retail value from Lafeber Company and a Puna Paradise Hybrid Cage, a $600 including shipping retail value from Cages4Less. Some other BirdChannel sponsors include Crystal Flight, Higgins Corp and Lyon Electric. Each day of the Grand Opening users can also win one of six Kaytee 2nd place prizes. There are many more prizes to be won. You can get more details on them at

There are so many great things on the website and I hope that you will all head over and check it out. I hope that some of you will be able to win some of the great prizes as well.


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